shed & sunroom

Shed & sunroom includes vibration recordings taken at Watford House, Avoca, as part of the Avoca Project.

The Avoca Project is an international art project in regional Victoria, Australia, centred on the Watford House / the Swiss House – prefabricated in Germany and imported during the gold rush in the 1850s.

The Avoca Project is curated by Lyndal Jones, who is working with the local community and national and international artists to develop a series of works of art. These heighten the image of the house as immigrant, weathered but resilient, and the place, the land, the landscape as a site of climate change and response.

The time-worn irregularities and inconstencies of the Swiss House and its companion workshed provide the focal point for a series of vibration and sound experiments. These started in 2010 as part of a performance with Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and have been developed through residencies.

Eliot Palmer is exploring how low frequency vibration transducers can serve to express the physical attributes of the structures – an examination of wood, roofing iron and glass, and the experience of sensation and listening.

These processes have provided short-term audio-tactile installations and recorded material for composition.

With thanks to Lyndal Jones for her support.

April 2012

An improvised recording taken in the sunroom of the Avoca house. This employed multiple transducers, and used physical and audio materials from around the site as an improvised response to the resonance of the sunroom. A metal bucket and stones from the garden provided high frequency buzzes to complement the deeper vibrations made from the windows and roofing iron. Recordings made from a sprung metal table were impressed on the window using a small resonator, to play with plosive transients in the loosely framed glass.

Earlier projects

2010 sunroom recording sample – early developments in the resonances provided by the sunroom:

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