wired lab

The WIRED Lab is an artist run initiative based in rural South West NSW. In June 2011, Eliot Palmer took part in the fields of frequency workshop, presented by Joyce Hinterding and David Haines.

This site presented the opportunity for a brief vibratory interrogation an outdoor dunny at the site. A temporary tactile and surround auditory experience was presented for workshop participants. The touch and immediacy of sounds, borne from the squeaks of the cistern and ageing structure, provided a far-from-serious point of access for listening and enquiry.

This composition was then used to excite the lab’s test wire, by attaching a transducer to its supporting structure. Its  low resonant frequencies provided another iteration of the approach used to generate vibration sound from the building – scale and frequency, resonance and harmonics.

With thanks to Sarah Last, David Burraston, Joyce Hinterding and David Haines. Recordings made with Erin McKimm. Thank you to Marcia Jane for the documentation support.